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Beyond the Reach of God

@Doug S. Read "The Gentle Seduction" by Marc Stiegler. And, if you haven't already, consider anti-depressants: I know a number of people whom they have saved from suicide.

Initiation Ceremony

Come now, why doesn't Brennan take an experimental approach: kick him or her where the balls would be, and appraise the reaction? I mean, this is a conspiracy of scientists, not Aristotelian scholastics.

When Science Can't Help

Why will they unfreeze us?

Well, if they're pretty rich, which is likely, given that they're technologically advanced enough to do so, they may well still have history and sociology departments and universities, with ambitious grad students, and Professors with grant money to spend. Welcome to being an adjunct lecturer (or would that be lab rat) for History 201(An Introduction to the Crazy Years).

The Proper Use of Doubt

Answers are not as important as questions: you can't answer an unasked question (until its answer provokes you to ask it.

Einstein's Superpowers

Another world-renowned Jewish genius, who tutored me in calculus 45 years ago, refers to his own "occasional lapses of stupidity", which is perhaps a good way to think of brilliant insights.