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Paxlovid Remains Illegal: 11/24 Update

If the drug hasn't been approved, then those participants weren't going to get it anyway, so they're no worse off in the trial.

Morally underdefined situations can be deadly

The point is what it's not obvious whether we'd want an AI to gamble with human extinction in order to avoid morally questionable outcomes, and that this is an important question to get right.

Puzzle: 1

In that case, I get a different answer:

The shortest path to the wall avoiding the semicircular FOV is a quarter-circle with length pi/2 times r (arriving at a distance r from the night watch).

Puzzle: 1

Please clarify the problem statement (maybe include a diagram of the initial setup):

  1. Does the night watch move? a. If so, what are our relative speeds? b. Does he need to catch me, or just see me and raise the alarm?
  2. Do I understand correctly that the night watch's field of view is a circle with some radius (blocked by the wall)?
  3. Is the night watch right next to the wall, or some distance away?
The Meta-Puzzle

A single satanist could say it.

The Meta-Puzzle

"I worship God XOR I am married."

Split and Commit

Yep, it was a joke saying basically "make sure your alternative isn't a straw hypothesis."

Split and Commit

I suppose it's possible that the house elves are to blame. I'll make sure to consider this alongside my other theory.

D&D.Sci Dungeoncrawling: The Crown of Command Evaluation & Ruleset

My biggest mistake was modeling the encounters as independent points of failure. I had considered the possibility of hit points or something similar, but I didn't put in the effort to check e.g. how encounter failure rates varied with depth.

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