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Is there a name for this mental state I sometimes find myself in after reading for a while? My breathing slows, I start to feel very "focused", and my physical perceptions start to blur. The book or screen I'm reading seems simultaneously both small/near and huge/far, my limbs feel simultaneously heavy and weightless, and time seems to be simultaneously slowing down and rushing forward. Has anyone here experienced this, and do you know what it's called?

Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets - Part 1

Is the troll she smelled on the platform

also Hermione?

Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets - Part 1

This is delightful.

I noticed [inconsistency]. Also [minor typo]. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

Evading Mind Control

"Evading Mind Control"

This is a duplicate of your 10/15 post.

Evading Mind Control

I liked the original title better :)

Note to mods: If the title of a post is changed, notifications for it still show the old title.

Pain is not the unit of Effort

It seemed to me that "actually trying" - aiming the full force of your being at the solution of a problem you care about - is self-evidently motivating and requires zero extra justification if you care about the problem.

This is basically my mindset as well. In situations where I would ask "Why is nobody actually trying?" it would mean something like "I wish everyone else would care about this outcome as much as I do." If people aren't optimizing for results, they could be optimizing for appearance of effort (which would in some circumstances look like optimizing for pain), or they could be optimizing for something else entirely, such as enjoying themselves, personal growth, or impressing a particular person or group.

The specific "happiness means you're not trying hard enough" mentally is not one I remember encountering, though I also haven't had that concept available as a hypothesis, and my prior was against it since it seemed so obviously confused, so maybe I just didn't recognize it when I saw it.

Manifesto of the Silent Minority

It wasn't worth my time/mental effort to respond to this survey in open-ended form, but it would be interesting to see the results from a multiple-choice version.

AGI Predictions

Ah, makes sense. I guess I just need to get used to the interface.

The Darwin Game - Rounds 21-500

My understanding is that EBMB doesn't directly feed off the clones - they mutually cooperate until round 90, so EBMB helps them as much as they help it. It's just that the clones start attacking everyone else in the midgame and leave EBMB alone while EBMB continues to cooperate with everyone. Thus the clone army and the rest of the pack tear each other down while EBMB pulls ahead.

A larger clone share would indeed end up benefitting EBMB relative to MB, but if ASTB is more effective than the clones in the early game, I'm not sure its presence in the midgame would be more helpful to the clones than a typical chaos or silly bot. I guess it depends on how effectively the clones' aggression can convince ASTB to fold. The clones may or may not get enough back to compensate for their reduced share in the early game.

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