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Thoughts on ADHD

there is no "decision theory/rationality under ADHD coherence constraints"

That's a nice framing to get us thinking. Could be generalized to "under constraints of suboptimal executive function", since everyone has unique issues with it. Anyway, any progress since last?

I have thoughts on #15:

Computer use is absolutelly necessary, but also extremely risky.

I've had periods of my life when I cut out my computer (just shoving it into my wardrobe and forgetting about it). They lasted a few weeks and I can say they were amazing periods. I was able to "live more reflectively", with more awareness of the future, of myself, of what I was doing, and of where my life was headed. I had more agency.

Sure, there were things I needed a computer for, but for those things I went to the university library and used their computer. It's not great since you don't get to pick the operating system or use the software of your choice, and the total lack of privacy made me uncomfortable browsing much on the web, but these factors made it unattractive to remain at the computer longer than necessary. Basically, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I counted that a benefit.

To anyone who recognizes themselves on this point, I'd suggest to find a way to do your work or schoolwork without your own computer. It may seem like a bad idea and even impossible, but if you take it seriously, you'll usually find it can be done (I am 85% confident). Set a 5-minute timer and think about it.

A caveat, I don't find my smartphone distracting at all, so I was able to do some chores on that device without risk. If this is a problem, you have to put that away as well and batch up every single chore that requires web access (write them down) to do them all at the library. And if you tend to journal a lot with the computer, I'd suggest learning to speedwrite or getting a manual typewriter. The slowness of handwriting frustrates me and makes me lose my train of thought.

What have your romantic experiences with non-EAs/non-Rationalists been like?

I'm in my second relationship, and it's still fresh (about 10 months) so I can't say much. My first relationship was with a woman who read LW, so in theory a better fit, but in practice the second woman has been much better for me.

It's been a heady ride. I've learned a lot about how to show love & show care, as well as receive these things, and we've discovered that I probably have diagnoses such as autism and/or ADHD (still unverified) (my idea, not hers). It's really telling to me that this never occurred to me when I was with my previous partner.

When you truly care about someone, the two of you are gonna wind up unearthing that one of you suffers from such a severe disorder, right? But during the 5 years with my previous partner, she was content to lay all responsibility for myself on me, and me in turn wasn't able to think outside of the box of self-contempt, of believing I simply had poor character, and trying to present myself a "good"/"marketable" boyfriend despite that was painful.

Mark this, my current partner believes in homeopathy. When I heard that, I was terrified and kind of heartbroken, but she's also become proof to me that someone can be much smarter than myself despite falling for this kind of meme. It's not spreading anti-epistemology throughout her mind as I feared, though that's perhaps because nobody's seriously attacked it yet, so it hasn't needed to defend itself.

I've come to accept her for who she is, including those beliefs. Thanks to her immense emotional intelligence, I've come to stop depending on things like a partner or my own appearance for my self-esteem, and I find it easier to love people while letting them believe what they want. I feel more like a completed person than ever, and the only thorn in my side is that I keep hurting her with my thoughtless, inconsiderate behavior, that happens because I've never taken other people into account before so I don't know what that looks like or how to do it, but she patiently explains, for which I'm infinitely grateful.

Obsidian: A Mind Mapping Markdown Editor

For all the Linux-friendliness, it can be easy to miss that it's closed source. only lists nonessential components.

The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence

It's not very ironic. One aspect of rationalfic is to load you up with examples of more rational behavior than you've ever seen in fiction so you have better defaults.

The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence

That wouldn't work as it looks like you imagine: he'd write the choices without any associated numbers because your probability is your own.

The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence

It seems USSPACECOM knows about this fallacy.

The United States Space Command commissioned science educator Bill Nye to produce a video called "Hollywood vs. EMP" so that inaccurate Hollywood fiction would not confuse those who must deal with real EMP events. The video is not available to the general public.


Thoughts on Ad Blocking

The people who make ad blockers have improved my life enormously.

Compare with a world where an omnipresent virus has been eating all adblockers since the beginning. Perhaps some of us would be in a better place, using the internet less. Perhaps it'd actually have become a norm to pay for ad-free content and many of us would stay on the parts of the web we paid for.

If that's the alternative, I believe they have harmed your life. Remember that bending backwards for ads is not just making your site uglier -- it's doing everything to maximize pageviews and clicks, which affects everything, down to selecting the very kinds of content that get posted. The web as a whole is less honest.

Maybe forcing sites to mask their ads as content is a good thing.

Are "ads" just visual clutter to you? To me it's a low signal-to-noise ratio, demonstrated by the filler content on a cooking recipe or how a 10-minute YouTube video is carved into 3 minutes of introduction, 3 minutes of pointless digressions, 1 minute of information, 3 minutes on why the information was great, and "please like and share and don't forget to hit that subscribe button". Masked ads are in the same vein, you have to realize you're reading "nutritionally empty" content and filter it out. It's immensely tiresome and I'd rather have simple visual clutter.