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The main thing seems to be money. How do we get more money into alignment in a way that is not detrimental or repulsive to people we want to attract to working there?

Yudkowsky is not the right person to start this stuff in China.

I'd like to see more work done on this myself. It is difficult to take blog posts seriously, especially for people who are already sceptics. "Oh, most of the writing is some books by people I've never heard of and a bunch blogposts? Sure sounds like bs"

"Sure, but in general, given enough adequate tools, most people contribute to keeping those things in check. " What are you basing this on? And the issue is if the contributions will be enough. And not even making and providing adequate tools, but trying to figure out what tools will be adequate in the first place and then after that, getting people to actually use those tools. Still don't see what this has to do with UBI.

There are already people trying to make an AI that destroys humanity "for the lols". Many people will try to use AI against each other. As they are now. E.g. militaries, scammers, revenge porn makers, etc.

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