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Because he claims that his decisions are based just on what the constitution says and that he is NOT influenced by anything else. He fails to admit his interpretations of the constitution are affected by his personal biases and are not always the result of rational thought.


Whether something seems "reasonable" or "implausible" can depend on how one's brain happens to be wired, perhaps due to a stroke, mental illness, or even just genetics. As your former blog post about asognostics shows, the human brain can come to some silly conclusions with the input it's given. How do you know if what "clicks" for you matches reality or is due to a faulty circuit?

Personally I require evidence and I'll sign up for cryonics when the first dead mouse is brought back to life after dying and being frozen. People believe in all sorts of things because they seem "reasonable". How do you account for the fact that about 10% of top scientists (Nobel Prize winners, members of National Academy of Science, etc) belief in god? By comparison for the same group, I wonder what the percentage is who believe in cryonics?


The earth's climate has gone through many large changes in the past and it is natural for it to continue to do so in the future and there is no reason these changes should be for the benefit of the human species.