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Testosterone will land you in more legal trouble than modafinil.

Compounding pharmacies are gray-market. (Buying on "" would be black-market.)

No mention of modafinil? It's quite useful for maintaining productivity on low amounts of sleep.

Semaglutide is the real-deal weight loss drug we have been praying for. It works well for 70%+ of people. Losing and keeping weight off is so difficult that prior to ozempic, it was reasonable advice to preach acceptance or extremely restricted diets. Prior to Semaglutide, I used to assume that most of my friends who wanted to lose weight would fail. Now I assume they will trivially succeed if they get on the drugs. Here is how to get on Semaglutide:

  1. I purchased sema, for myself and others, on this site: It has been a reliable supplier for me. Reliability can always change, but for now, it's where I would go.
  2. Start with a dose of 0.25mg. Increase your dose approximately every four weeks. Stay on lower dosages as long as possible. Tolerance can increase rapidly. For example, the official guidelines say to double your dose after each of the first two months of treatment. I would try to increase dosages more slowly.
  3. Gray market semaglutide is sold as a powder. You need to mix it into a solution to inject. Search for reconstitution solution.
  4. You also need needles. Any insulin needle will work fine but some hurt less than others. Here are the ones I use.
  5. To make the solution, I draw 100 units of reconstitution (a 'full' vial) solution into the needle. I then squirt the solution into the sema vial and repeat this process again. This means 5mg of semaglutide per 200 units of solution. So, to do a 0.25 starting dose, I would inject 10 units of mixed sema solution into my deltoid. It doesn't really matter if you inject into fat or muscle.

Semaglutide feels weird in many ways and makes many people nauseous. Fake Dr. Sapphire's medical advice is to use gray market odansetron to manage nausea. But dramamine is OTC in the USA and most other countries and also works well. Don't expect insanely rapid weight loss. It's normal to lose 1-2 pounds a week, which is honestly quite quick!


Injecting anything from the "gray-market" is quite risky, since it may not be sterile. People have died from such things (for example:

For biology, JoVE ("Journal of Visual Experiments") is a very good source of videos like this. Unfortunately it's paywalled.

I agree, I think the most likely version of the lab leak scenario does not involve an engineered virus. Personally I would say 60% chance zoonotic, 40% chance lab leak.

Answer by MetacelsusMar 07, 202430

Spearman (rank) correlation is often a good alternative for nonlinear relationships.

>heats the water (adenosine diphosphate, ADP) to a closely related, higher-energy form (adenosine triphosphate, ATP), which is steam.

I would say protons are the steam, not the ATP/ADP. The electron transport chain "pressurizes" protons by pumping them, and then the protons flow through the ATP synthase "turbine".

I think the exact origin of SARS-CoV-2 is a largely irrelevant question. 

Given that it's plausible it could have come either from a wet market or risky biological research, we should shut down both.

(Personally I would say 60% "wet market", 40% "unintentional lab leak")

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