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What are you working on? August 2012

There is one feature in particular that would be good to implement before sending it to Eliezer. The ability to configure the calculators default values and labels would be really useful for this intuitive explanation page.

What are you working on? August 2012

A Bayesian Calculator with visualization that is easy to drop into existing web pages. It is built in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I've been working on this for around a year on and off. Richard Carrier was looking for a replacement calculator for the one he uses in his introduction to Bayes Theorem material, and I was at the time looking to better understand and develop intuition for Bayes Theorem. There are a number of features I intend to add (more visualizations, more config options and other things identified here), and also some refactoring work that needs to take place.

The project is hosted on github for anyone interested in helping or looking at the way it is implemented.

The graph I like the most is the area-proportional venn graph.

HP:MOR and the Radio Fallacy

It is similar to the Witnesses as far as your description goes, though I am not very familiar with JW's beliefs to comment further on the similarities.

My only point was that this is an old idea (that you need a body to function and that you get given a new body of some wondrous sort upon death), and not one contrived as an escape from the physicalists death blow. The debate is over and done for me, and I as you see the moves of the dualist as always failing to substantiate the additional substance.

HP:MOR and the Radio Fallacy

Notice that those weren't the assertions before we learned about brains.

The first was an assertion before we knew more about brains. Richard Carrier in particular believes that this is pretty much what Paul and early Christians believed 1,2; that you need to be given a new body in the resurrection in order to have life after your normal body is destroyed. According to Carrier and others it wasn't an uncommon belief that humans gained another better body spiritual body at the resurrection. Spiritual body in this case doesn't mean non-physical, but instead is to be interpreted as the element which the heavenly bodies are made from.

If you are interested in reading more about it, I have other books to recommend on the subject. I do agree with you however that these possible replies are stupid.