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2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Done the survey. Nice touch at the end.

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Nice! Unfortunately there are not as many Brazilians in this site as one could expect., given our large population. If you don't mind me asking, where is he living now?

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Someone made a post about this recently listing that and other useful practices (and I just saw you replied in there as well). I've heard about these checklists before but while I think it's a pretty important habit to acquire I haven't had the time yet to improve on those aspects nor have made of those an habit yet (i.e. I think it's important to improve but I don't actually remember to practice on my daily life).

Taking this checklist as an example, I think I can say that I failed to do 2.1 (when I said there were two probable interpretations without even asking myself the meanings of the 2nd one) while correctly doing 1.5 (when I perceived that I was mistaken and admitted to it instead of arguing for a side).

Would you know any tips on (or any texts about) perceiving these cognitive flaws while they are being committed or shortly after so one can promptly deal with them?

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Ew, that was pretty stupid of my part, sorry. I was thinking in terms of

At then end of a year, which hospital will have the greater number of days in which more than 60% of the girls born over both hospitals were born at that hospital

Which is a different question altogether and still has an obvious answer... Oh well, way to make a good first impression.

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Those were the exact interpretations I was referring about, thanks. And just for reference, I answered the question as if it were #2.

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I just took it but I'd like to make a few points:

At the end of a year, which hospital will have the greater number of days on which more than 60% of the babies born were girls?

Is it asking about the total number of babies born at the day or babies born at each hospital?

Redwood question.

Please, use meters next time.

Meetup : São Paulo Meet Up 2

Hey guys, sorry for the unanswered messages, I've been literally out of time those last months. Unfortunatelly I'll be unable to attend the 2nd meeting as well since I'll have exams at the university that very same day.

And even if I went I don't think I'd have much to add to your conversations, I'm still at the beginning of the sequences. Good luck, I hope to go next time.

Meetup : São Paulo Meetup

According to the Leverage Research's team page he directs the Institute for Ethics, Rationality and the Future of Humanity (Instituto Ética, Racionalidade e Futuro da Humanidade). They don't appear to have a site though.

I'd be glad to get more information about their activities as well.

Meetup : São Paulo Meetup

Hello! I'm not a "user" but am from São Paulo as well. I just pass here to read something or other every once in a while. I don't know if I'll be able to attend but I'll certainly keep an eye on this thread.