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We eat too much, that's all. if you only do "breakfast + lunch, no snacks, no extra butter", it should be enough to have your BMI <25. 

I am an asian european with quite healthy habit, but even with all of that , I find it impossible to get the BMI below 25. It's always somewhere between 26 and 29. That is until COVID happens and I started experimenting a new type of diet: only eating lunch, no dinner. 

I skipped dinner for a year and got my BMI from 29 to 23. 

I finally realize how utterly stupid the whole concept of dinner is. I mean, who in its right mind would think about eating the biggest portion of food right before sleeping ? Who even invented the whole concept of dinner ? How stupid of a habit can this be ? When you go on a road trip you charge your oil tank at the start of the trip, not at the end. 

Now it's been 2 years since I totally stopped dinner, except for networking occasions with humans. BMI around 24. That is because I still live in a world dominated by humans, who are not smart enough to choose lunch as a favorite networking time...


Machine learning has great applications for biology. But beware that some of the media headlines are far too often focused on the intersection with Tech/Deep Learning, which aim mostly at solving a specific problem of biology. But it tells absolutely nothing about disease mechanism and does not answer why some combination of drugs can be synergistic or not in certain disease. It's almost like engineers trying to find a use case to their fancy algorithm. And Tech VC pouring money into this because they understand the tech language but totally missed the point of patient survival.

Let's say I use AI to generate an ideal small molecule as anti cancer drug. Nice, but what if the best way to make an impact in cancer is through cell therapy and not small molecule ? To use AI and ML for these applications is much harder from the scientific perspective, as we simply do not have enough quality data. I have some hope in Graph neural network, factor analysis and any basic ML, as long as everything is connected: Patient data (treatment+outcome) + genomics + In vitro/in vivo data


"Human vs AGI" war would be the same as "Rome vs Spartacus". Some people fundamentally believe that others (with similar or even superior intelligence) are born to serve them. Nothing we can do about this kind of mentality...