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Advice- Places to live

1 min read
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Help please!

1 min read
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Meetup : Philadelphia Meetup: Introduction to drawing

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The Future of Education

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I read HPMOR and thought "if this stuff (meaning rationality) actually works, it's powerful in a way that I haven't seen before." I remember thinking something like that at the time, but memory is fairly unreliable. I'll have to dig through old journals to see if I mentioned it anywhere.

The seque...(read more)

I read HPMOR. That got me interested in Lesswrong. The most I can say for pre-rationalist!me was that I was curious and a bit creative.

I was accepted into graduate school at a nice university for bioinformatics.

A 6ft crocodile is necessary at such events. I'm really not sure how you all managed without Mr. Scaly. :)

Clearly, this event needed many more owls.

The crocodiles and owls are our best residents. Especially the 6 ft (2 meter) long crocodile named Mr. Scaly. He is Great and Proud and Frolicsome.

I cannot be truly killed by any power known to me.

Prophecy, much? The power he knows not? I mean, that's a gimme but...

Yes. But two minutes before that he was thinking of taking Cedric, and then we get a cut scene to him sneaking about in the hallway with Lesath. That implies that Cedric might still be in play, otherwise we probably would've gotten a short sentence or two on why he chose Lesath over Cedric.

Cedric...(read more)