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[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

I completely agree with you. In my opinion, the proper standard of housing should be maintain. There should be a council related with the housing specification rules. To read more about real estate visit my site. http://www.kevinbradleyrealtor.com/

[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

Memory is always related with the interest in the specific subject. A survey suggest that people remember each and every detail of their favorite thing. For example, men always know more about cars.

How to teach to magical thinkers?

Scientific method should not be blamed, it is the people who created them should be questioned. We all know people who have invented iPhones and bombs have followed a specific method.

A medium for more rational discussion

Nice, your logic is clear and straight forward.

Interest in a Christchurch (New Zealand) Meetup

I am interested, James height is a nice location. I think Sunday afternoon is fine.