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{{Blockquote | text=Recruit more EAs from China to join this project there (particularly those with high-level connections in the CCP)}}

I straight up don't believe this is going to work. Trying to influence the Chinese government into restricting their own access to technology that is of the utmost geopolitical importance seems about as hard as AI alignment to me. I don't want to say it's impossible, but it's close. Without absolute international cooperation on the issue we're just shifting the problem into countries and research communities that are intransparent to almost all the leading AI alignment researchers right now.


Yeah, I'm not sure this approach is fruitful either. We haven't even managed to emulate a C. elegans - which has a mere 302 neurons - and they've been trying for two decades now.  Apparently there's still no way to actually find out the synaptic weights at each neuron. Even if we had the entire connectome of the human brain mapped out it might not be useful to us. 

My google fu is failing me as to the latest news on the OpenWorm project (most importantly if there's any new approaches to figuring out the synaptic weights), if anyone is up to date on this stuff, I'd love to know.