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Thank you for your thoughts!  I enjoyed reading. My first reaction is how you equated tribalism and group identity, so it is worth clarifying what you mean here?   I believe that a group's identity is not necessarily tribal, though it may very well be used as a tribal weapon.  Simple examples are the creation of gentiles, atheists, or Huguenots as "identities" defined via the jews, theists, or Catholics, respectively, as derisive identities. These labels are payloads for both blame or pride depending on who is owning them. Your thoughts?

I appreciated the scout analogy as a way of describing one's openness to new ideas as a balance to the more characteristically tribal behavior of defending the "rules of the tribe".  I think we all benefit from a balance.  

Is Tribalism a negative?  Maybe.  I think we all love connection with those who we relate with, that is good.  When it defines your weltanschauung, it is definitely limiting the potential for growth.