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"The world is not a 'nice,' quiet, middle-class, suburban neighborhood."

Translation: a bellicose attitude is to be adopted when dealing with other nations. Preemptive wars, false insinuations about other countries, breaking alliances, CIA-meddling in other nation's affairs, disingenuous overtures of peace, torture, mass imprisonment, black-flag operations and shit-on-you diplomacy is what is called for.

None of us know to what future conflicts our whimsical meddling will lead... very unfortunate. Seeing the US's hopeless bumbling on the international stage is like watching someone perform brain surgery while wearing mittens. Oh, did we just alienate Turkey? alienate Russia? grant unprecedented powers to our executive branch? bankrupt ourselves by building enormous military bases which demand further commitment? see our currency fall to new lows? corrupt our political discourse into chest-pounding cretinism?

Friends, I entreat you to be lighthearted– none of these things could possibly ever have consequences!!