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I think Yoda's comment is more an user's guide to mental machinery than reflection on reality. To create something new, you first create a vision. Vision without failure is in many ways more powerful than vision with failure. (Obviously, in most other ways it is worse.) Creating new things is difficult even without you second-guessing yourself even before you begin.

What do you think would happen if Prisoner's Dilemma is framed differently?

An example.

Do you think this framing would affect your inititial reaction? General population?

(The wording of the choises is not very elegant, and I am not sure whether presentation is sufficiently symmetrical, but you get the basic idea).

It could be that words such as "prisoner", "prison sentence", "guard" or even "game" and "defect" frame more people to intuitively avoid co-operation.

It is well known that answers to questions on morality sometimes depend on how the questions are framed.

I think Eliezer's biggest contribution is the idea that the classical presentation of Prisoner's Dilemma may be an intuition pump.