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A philosophy degree is definitely better than nothing. But I should have used that time to major in something more lucrative.

Majored in philosophy. I don't think I learned much worthwhile and it's makes it harder to get a job.

If anyone wants to teach English in China, my school is hiring. The pay is higher than the market rate and the management is friendly and trustworthy. Must have a Bachelor's degree and a passport from and English speaking country. If you are at all curious, PM me for details.

What vegetarian things can I eat that won't leave me hungry an hour later?

In general girls are also more likely to be aware that language has many lavers of meaning besides communicating facts.

Please say "women" unless you are talking about female humans that have not reached adulthood.

A lot of developers have tried to make this app. I first noticed a version in 2007, back when Facebook had just started with apps.

Edit:* Holy shit, apparently it's worth $30 million.

I've found "machine problem-solving" goes over with laypeople better than "machine intelligence."

This is my first LessWrong discussion post, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

This is above-average quality for a discussion post. I look forward to reading your future posts.

There's at least one predictable value shift I can think of coming from human biology, namely puberty, that a hypothetical prepubescent rationalist should absolutely take into account when planning sufficiently far into the future

Yeah, but you're not going to value what your future self is going to value unless your utility function already includes "increase future self's utility" in it.

Downvoted for creating a new thread. I'll give you back the karma if you delete and repost this in the open thread.

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