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Prediction is intelligence. Why is there not more discussion about stock picks here? Is it low status? Does everyone believe in strong forms of efficient market ?

(edited -- curious where it goes without leading the witness)

Reviews online that are trustworthy. I've been travelling a lot and hotel reviews require some intelligence to determine trust. e.g. someone who says 'the lady at the front desk was rude to me, and they had bed bugs'.. well that basically means they felt insulted by the person at the front desk and the bed bug thing is probably just the worst thing they can imagine saying.

I want a better way to eliminate any of the hindrances to having productive relationships with people I would respect if I could find them.

I'm glad that this article makes efforts to assure us that lawyers continue to have job safety. It would be horrible to lose those high paying jobs to a superior and near-free alternative.

I wouldn't have been able to guess the date this speech was given. The major outline seems 10 years old.

Theft? Inferior Service?

I'm having a hard time guessing what this could be that you couldn't just look for someone with better references (or spend a bit more).

My wireless mouse is driving me fucking nuts with it's stuttering randomly across the screen.

I'm surprised posts like this are not more commonly discussed around here.

Arguing against god(s) circa 9 years of age or so.

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