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First off, let me say thank you for all the work that's gone into the site update by everyone involved! The three changes I like most are the new header design (especially the clear separation between Main and Discussion - the old menu was too cluttered), the nearby meetup section, and the expanding karma bubbles.

I had one question about how the nearby meetup list and Location. Is the meetup list supposed to sort by location somehow? If so, what do I need to put in my location? Thanks!

I agree that the single comment view has more boilerplate up top, but otherwise I'd say it usually fits on screens without any trouble.

I was curious about your comment so I took a look at the screenshot. You say in the bug report that you're using a "fairly small font" setting but the font is being rendered much larger for you than I see using default IE9 and FF4 settings. Plus your picture shows the page with a serif font while the CSS specifies sans-serif. I'm not sure if it's a browser issue or if you're using custom settings, but in a 1600x900 view (as your screenshot size is), I can see the full comment without scrolling.

Mostly I'd like to know if other people "take 2 screens to see one permalinked comment" because I agree that reasonably short comments should be visible without scolling.

Sorry I can't make it this time - I've got travel plans this weekend. Hope to see everyone next time.

I'll make a weak vote for the IHOP near UCI. It's easy to get to, has free parking, and seemed to work reasonably well for the last meetup.

I'll be there. I'll be driving from Torrance and can give a ride to anyone who happens to be in that area or along the way.


For those of you who are interested, some of us folks from the SoCal LW meetups have started working on a project that seems related to this topic.

We're working on building a fault tree analysis of existential risks with a particular focus on producing a detailed analysis of uFAI. I have no idea if our work will at all resemble the decision procedure SIAI used to prioritize their uFAI research, but it should at least form a framework for the broader community to discuss the issue. Qualitatively you could use the work discuss the possible failure modes that would lead to a uFAI scenario and quantitatively you can could use the framework and your own supplied probabilities (or aggregated probabilities from the community, domain experts, etc.) to crunch the numbers and/or compare uFAI to other posited existential risks.

At the moment, I'd like to find out generally what anyone else thinks of this project. If you have suggestions, resources or pointers to similar/overlapping work you want to share, that would be great, too.

I'll be there but I may not arrive until ~2PM. Not sure what the setup at the IHOP is, but I can bring a LCD projector to hook up to any laptops that join us.

It's a social gathering for anyone interested in discussing anything relevant to the LW community. I personally have been part of discussing rationality in general, cryonics, existential risk, personal health, and cognitive bias (among other topics) at the 2 meetups I've been to. It's a good excuse to meet some other folks and trade ideas, start projects, etc.

I don't think we have an agenda organized for this one. But if you're curious, take a look at the comments from the September SoCal meetup for an idea about what was discussed and what people thought was good/bad/interesting about it.

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