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Domain: Business & Business Communication, Mastering Difficult Conversations,  Coaching

Link: Misha Glouberman - Recorded Coaching Sessions

Person: Misha Glouberman (That's me)

Background: Consultant, Business Coach, and Co-Author of The Chairs Are Where The People Go.


While there’s lots of reading materials on this kind of work, this recording offers the unique opportunity to actually listen and experience the coaching work and learnings happening in real-time. The concepts discussed can be applied to work-related, difficult conversations, but also to any difficult and/or important conversations, personal or professional.

Misha Glouberman records a couple of consecutive coaching sessions with a volunteer (Tanya) who has an important and difficult conversation they need to have at work. After the coaching sessions, Tanya has the important conversation, and then returns to discuss with Misha how his coaching sessions helped shape the end result.



I'm really curious about the question of how to go about one'd life now if you take AI risk seriously. I'm excited to read this article and really liked Zvi's AI: Practical Advice for the Worried.  Anyone have other articles/resources/strategies on this topic that they recommend? 

Can't make it to this one. Hope to make it back some time!!!