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Meetup : Sydney Rationality meet-up No.2

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to this. For the record, I can't usually make it on a Wednesday (Mondays or Thursdays suit me best). Enjoy the meetup!

Meetup : First Sydney 2012 meetup.

Do you have any suggested reading before the meetup, to bring me up to speed on some of the conversation topics? You mentioned causation and Akrasia control methods.

Meetup : First Sydney 2012 meetup.

I will almost certainly come to this - I really enjoyed the last one I came to.

Meetup : Less Wrong in Sydney

Yeah, I had fun. See you at the next one.

Meetup : Less Wrong in Sydney

I'll also try to get along. I live near the mountains but I'm pretty sure I can find a way to attend.

NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

I'm keen for a Sydney meetup, but like many others I'm out of town for the long weekend. Saturday lunchtime is a good timeslot for me.

Sydney Less Wrong Meetup (cancelled due to lack of interest)

I'm a Sydney-sider and I'm keen for a meet up in Sydney. Saturdays during the day would be ideal for me. Unfortunately I missed the 19th March date, I've only just discovered Less Wrong. I'll check back on this post now and then, and if nobody else organises a time and a place within the next couple of weeks, I'll take the initiative. Cheers, Joel.

Melbourne meetup

I'd love to come to this sort of thing, but I live in Sydney (Australia!). Is anyone aware of anything similar happening in Sydney, or could someone suggest where I could go to continue my search to find these kind of meet ups?