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Where's ancap in this? Am I an "illiberal" with all these lovely things you implying about it, or am I somehow part of the American bubble?

.... Is it possible to have nonlinear accumulation be associative?

Cause I believe morality would need to be associative to be sane right?

reversible computer gates exist and are Turing complete, which in human words means it's possible to do computers where the elections are not sent to ground willynilly. When you "not" a live wire, that in a very real sense is sending elections to ground.

Now I think Turing completeness is a terrible standard, we really need a more complex hierarchy like complexity thoery has, as my understanding of the proof these things are Turing complete is that they are generating waste outputs, so if you are stopping using not gate to prevent sending elections to ground and you generate waste outputs that in thoery your sending to ground there is not nesserily an improvement here, but maybe something comes out of it anyway.

Futher more if we have fusion don't we have economical carbon sinks? And space sillyness?

Would you need to do anything super fancy to beat the market? You could in thoery just find 100 median voters who swap parties, tell them both Trump and the newcomer are pedophiles to simulate attack ads and ask who they would vote for after giving them an entire minute to think about it(to simulate the months of them hearing about it). Repeat for each canidate.

Alternatively you could check polling numbers for swing States to filter out the noise of who wins calinforna for free.