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Examples: There is no evidence for the existence of human races. There is no evidence for biological differences between the sexes.

I will trust a person that states: "I think the sky is brown." more than a person that counters with: "The sky is certainly not brown, it is gray, because we have not seen it."

Yes, and that is in the links I provided under "Resources". It is a perfect falsification, sadly I distrust the finding because while finding it I also found that teens and older do get misdiagnosed because the symptoms and consequences are similar. Again, I did write "misdiagnosed for another".

Oh, sorry.

I think that other people think: BPD and ASD are independent, orthogonal mental afflictions. The autism spectrum reaches from zero to +100%.

But I think they share a remarkable resemblance in that they are the opposites in deviation from the norm. The autism emotionally unstable spectrum reaches from "emotionally unstable" to "emotionally unresponsive". Or -100% to +100%

Better? (This editor is impossible for me.)



socially hyper-sensitive - socially hypo-sensitive

hyper-emotional - hypo-emotional

hyper-neurotic - hypo-neurotic

interest in people - interest in things

focus on feelings - focus on facts

mostly females - mostly males

wants to express subjective feelings - wants to arrange, order world to objective criteria (What does the person want to bring to the outside?)

Overall I see an over emphasis on the observable empirical disabilities, consequences and a lack of understanding the motivation, mediating cause. Because psychology depends on self-reporting, there is a strong perception bias that is not accounted for but answers are reported as fact.

Other non-primate animal doing similar: Alex the gray parrot He also made his own terms as "cork nut" for almond.

I don't get the joke. Who is "Rick Astley"?

yes, but I am posing the WHY question. In this case it is just an averaging effect not a feedback controller.

"parabola" That would be a third category then: No correlation observed because the aggregated observation cancels out the effect working both ways.

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