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Apparently OP is recommending the vim keybindings system, not so much the application. They mention writing this post in Spacemacs.

I am also a convert to this philosophy: vim is the best language for editing, emacs is the best environment for editing.


Posting here to give empirical evidence to this statement


Any progress on the custom todo app?


I am moving to the Bay Area from the east coast, and have been looking for a job out there for some time. I signed an offer letter last week from a company I am excited to start working with.

Yesterday I published an app that will send you to a random slatestarcodex article. You can find it as a subdomain of my blog:

I am reading The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons, and Programming in Scala by Martin Odersky.


Thanks for the post! I'm currently in the process of looking for a programming job in the Bay Area. I'm less than a year out of school w/ a B.S. in CS, but I went to a school that does co-ops so I have a little over two years experience if you count that. And I have a bunch of public code on github from interesting projects I've hacked on in my own time.

So far I've mostly been cruising for job openings, and just recently started looking at listings on StackOverflow. I've gotten ~5 initial phone conversations, but nobody has moved on past that.

I will take the advice in this post into consideration, and make a reminder to come back and post some details about my job when I do get hired.


I strongly agree w/ Zvi's post, but also think there is some good pushback in the comments so far. Particularly from Said about his experience at the same school Zvi went to. I know a few people who recently graduated from that school, and what I hear from them suggests it is better in several important ways than even the very good high school I went to.

I'm interested in a discussion about what to do. What are better designs for institutions of primary education? How do we instill an essential curiosity early on?

I think this discussion can go in two directions. The first is just an ideal model of education. Without political constraints, how do you teach someone about the world and get them to care? The second is what can be done, starting at the current system. There are so many rules and regulations in place, from state to federal level (specifically in the US). What are some possible approaches to nudge us in one of the right directions?


I think the first sentence in paragraph four should have the words "is doomed" appended to the end. I did not understand what Paul is offering his specific prize for until I read his post at