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No offense taken.

BTW I have written quite a bit since 2007(!) on the relationship of rationalism and politics, see here for a starting pont.

Probably make some snarky remark about how people who think they are free of politics are in reality in the grip of one of the more deadly forms of it.

After posting that I felt even more unsure about my assertion about Buddhism and introspection than I had indicated, so did some Googling...[here's some support]( from an actual Buddhist, though I'm guessing there is a wide vari...(read more)

I exaggerated a bit. The points I was trying to make: we can only weakly introspect; the term "introspection" is misleading (I think "reflection", mentioned by another commenter, is better); we are in a strong sense strangers to ourselves, and our apparent ability to introspect is misleading.

I am ...(read more)

I think you miss the point of the linked article, which is not that we are "not very good" at introspection, but that introspection is literally impossible. We don't have any better access to our own brain processes than we do to a random persons. We don't have little instruments hooked up to our i...(read more)

Great post, a very lucid account of your experiences, thank you.

As it happens I was just contemplating writing something along the lines of "mysticism for rationalists", but I think you may have it covered.

Well, I deliberately left out the source because I didn't think it would play well in this Peoria of thought -- it's from his book of essays [*Farewell to Reason*]( more)

The best education consists in immunizing people against systematic attempts at education.

-- Paul Feyerabend

> Right, and I'm asking you what you think that "something else" is.

Hell, how would I know? Let's say "thinking" for the sake of argument.

> I'd also re-assert my challenge to you: if philosophy's arguments don't rest on some evidence of some kind, what distinguishes it from nonsense/fiction?

Pe...(read more)

I'm not at all a fan of Hegel, and Heidegger I don't really understand, but I linked to a paper that describes the interaction of Heideggerian philosophy and AI which might answer your question.

I still think you don't have your categories straight. Philosophy does not make "claims" that are proved...(read more)