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Monastery and Throne

Building a narrative around lockdowns being more harmful than beneficial is simplistic at best, and dangerously misleading at worst.  The lockdown is a powerful weapon, and for that reason, it should be used wisely (but it should be used when needed!). We seem to forget sometimes that some countries have indeed provided valuable examples on how to succeed at curbing the pandemics and the lockdowns have been one of the main tools they employed, but not the only one. 

 A very important point is that judging lockdowns in isolation is wrong.  The reason why some countries have managed to successfully stop the spreading is not because of the lockdowns alone, but because multiple interventions taking place simultaneously.

Take the example of Australia. The lockdown in Melbourne lasted longer than in most places, but in the meantime, the borders were closed for most people, except for those Australians coming back to the country that had to go through mandatory quarantines in specifically designated hotels.  Australia has also been very effective at contact tracing but that is something that works very well only if you have few cases (and what is the prerequisite to have few cases?). In Europe or in US is not that the lockdowns did not work (they work very well at doing what they have to do, stopping momentarily the spreading of the virus), it is simply that other measures were not taken simultaneously or they simply failed at implementing them. 

Canada Covid Update: thinking out loud

I don't get it. Was it closed or not? The border in Australia is also mostly closed, but some people are indeed allowed to pass.  They are forced to do quarantines though.