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I like this but does not it get a bit confusing if you are using also slash chords?

That's great, I subscribed and looking forward to it!

Thank you very much for writing this.

I have struggled with entropy since I first studied it in high school. I was taught that entropy measures "disorder" or the "chaos" in a system. I was totally disconcerted by the units (Joules/Kelvin), because I couldn't grasp it intuitively, the same way I could reason, for instance, about speed.  I searched for a long time for an answer. Everything became much clearer (I remember this as a revelation) once I read "A farewell to Entropy", by Arieh Ben-Naim.  According to the author, the only reason entropy is measured in J/K (in thermodynamics) is historical:  we have different units for temperature and energy because the temperature was defined at a time when we did not understand very well the kinetic theory (Temperature should be in fact, measured in Joules) By using Joules for temperature, the entropy of a thermodynamic system would become in fact unitless,  and the later connection with the entropy from information theory would have been much easier to draw (apparently people have discussed much that they are different things).  In fact, it seems that the reason why we use the term entropy in Information Theory is that Von Neumann suggested Shannon use the term since a similar concept had been applied in statistical mechanics "but nobody understood it really well". 

I don't know if the above statements are controversial and some physicists would strongly disagree with what I wrote, but in any case, "A Farewell to Entropy" does a great job at explaining what entropy means with very simple math. 

I am not surprised anymore by the low quality of some papers published in top-tier journals

Sorry, I think I wasn't clear enough. I meant that my threshold to downvote an AI related post was somehow lower, not that I was downvoting them indiscriminately.

I'm a 100% with you. I don't like the current trend of LW becoming a blog about AI, and much less about a blog about how AGI doom is inevitable, (and in my opinion there have been too many blog posts about that, with some exceptions of course). I have found myself lately downvoting AI related posts more easily and upvoting content non related to AI more easily too

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