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Insufficiently Awesome

What are some of the emotions associated with rationality?

How to Be Happy

So what happened after that? Did your technique stop working?

Open Thread: July 2010, Part 2

I have not seen the original post, but can't someone simply post it somewhere else? Is deleting it from here really a solution (assuming there's real danger)? BTW, I can't really see how a post on a board can be dangerous in a way implied here.

Open Thread: July 2010

I have a few questions.

1) What's "Bayescraft"? I don't recall seeing this word elsewhere. I haven't seen a definition on LW wiki either.

2) Why do some people capitalize some words here? Like "Traditional Rationality" and whatnot.

Open Thread: March 2010, part 3

Thank you for the links. It makes sense now.

Open Thread: March 2010, part 3

How do Bayesians look at formal proofs in formal specifications? Do they believe "100%" in them?

Open Thread: March 2010, part 2

Maybe you are scared because you are aware that writing maintainable code is harder than writing code without that constraint?