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Physical view/other (?). I consider personal identity to be based only on the memory of past self, not actual brain process or existence of memory independent conscious mind. It may be very well that the experience of personal continuity is only an illusion as there is no actual continuity at all, only the recollection of previous events (including the attempts of introspection). An exact copy of me wouldn't be any different than myself.

Much of the atheist movement reeks of fundamentalism. By definition atheism is closed minded.

A few months have passed since that comment, but maybe you should consider reading: and

Hello everyone! I'm 19 years old BA student of Finance & Accounting from Poland. For some time I have been interested in rationalism, yet in my country internet community oriented with it is rather fledgling and mostly just non-theist in nature. I was brought here by HPMOR. I know Bayes' Theorem from my statistics classes, but it wasn't until recently that I began to understood how it could influence my way of thinking.

Please forgive me if I make small language errors in my posts, while I understand mostly everything written here (barring things that I would not initially comprehend even if I were a native speaker of course ;) ), it has been a long time since I have written anything in English myself and my skills need a little polish.

Now I'm somewhere midway through Core Sequences but hope to participate in the discussions in the future. I am very happy to join you here :)