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I accidentally published this draft before finishing it and was surprised to see comments on it! I've decided to leave it as is, conclusion-less, as an exercise for the reader :).

"Airconditioningitis" sounds about as epistemically sound as "fan death," which is to say, not at all. 

There are indeed odd cultural beliefs about the use of fans and air conditioning in Korea, but these are urban legends. 

FYI but ABC Mouse is a Scientology run company and was recently fined by the FTC for $10 million for illegal billing practices. Personally I did not like it from an educational perspective either; there are lots of other better educational websites and apps out there.

Could the spreadsheet be updated too? That still has the old location.

In the UK school absences for an unexcused reason (i.e. a vacation during the school year) are fined, so it is more rigid system than in the U.S.

Primary schools have been re-opened here for subset of students last week, and it is not mandatory.

I'd be surprised if you're correct on this, even on average, for the U.S., given that there are so many regional differences from state to state there.

Update with some more info: has some general information about hand sanitisers and includes info about BZK - they caution that it works less quickly than alcohol based ones, so perhaps that's useful to take into account.

Also, it may interest some people that BZK is the active ingredient in Lysol spray (US) and Dettol spray (UK). (Do not use them as hand sanitiser as they have other ingredients and are not formulated for hands!)

Pubic hair moderately protects only against those STDs which infect skin cells and are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact: herpes, HPV, molluscum contagiosum.

Respiratory viruses do not infect skin cells and people aren't rubbing their faces together, so there's no plausible method of action here.

Can you provide a citation for the breakdown of deaths by age? There was at least one confirmed death of a 2 year old in China a month ago. It's certainly negligible, but not 0.

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