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How to eradicate the desire to check time-wasting sites

I was able to define URL-based blacklists on my router, so certain websites were entirely inaccessible. And since it's on the router, it actually takes a minute or two to change- a better barrier as compared to browser extensions. It doesn't help over a data connection, since it's keyed to just that one router, so I can still access some sites over my phone.

My principal issue with it was getting locked onto those sites in the middle of an otherwise productive or rewarding time at the PC, It's not as damaging when I pull out my phone in line or on break.

Note that this is in conjuction with other similar tech, like leechblock, etc. I did not know about this one, and I'll be looking into it - I found the leechblock delay screens to be more incentive to turn off or override the extension, since I pavlov'd myself into hating that block screen with a passion.