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So, if I'm understanding this argument thread correctly (and I am in no means totally sure that I am) then you've basically argued against the speed of light as a hard barrier using quantum entanglement, all the way back around around to again accepting that, with our current understanding of physics, yes, it DOES seem to be a hard barrier to any type of successful interplanetary colonization beyond any species' local solar system/star group?

If I'm correct in that generalization (base as it may be) then aren't we essentially agreeing that the "Great Filer" this article is discussing is most likely as simple as "the speed of light{"?   Because even if certain civilizations exist out there who have, over hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years, managed to expand or even simply not destroy themselves, then isn't it logical to assume the reason we haven't seen or heard any evidence of such is because that evidence still hasn't reached us?   Maybe never will, within the life span of our sun and solar system?  And even if it did reach us from millions of light years away, maybe we simply cant recognize it in its diluted or/deteriorated state from its travel throughout the vastness of "space"?

I guess what I'm saying is, maybe we're just underestimating how vast our universe is, and how sparsely distributed intelligent species may be throughout?   Even if there are "a lot" of them out there, that doesn't necessarily mean we would ever be aware of it.  Or that they may ever be aware of us.  

Feel free to point out my mistakes in logic/reasoning here.   I'm simply here to learn.  Thanks.