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The consequentialist case for social conservatism, or “Against Cultural Superstimuli”

I'm not too sure the conservative idea as you put it, is to simply "have faith" but rather know the why before you assume it's arbitrary (see the chesterton fence parable). Your concerns on whether a particular setting must make rational sense to work id argue is irrelevant. Evolution doesn't care about literal truth, just passing genes. See how the religious produce more children. Religion might be literally untrue and make no rational sense to you, but it's working pretty well from an evolutionary perspective so who cares if it makes sense to you.

You pointed out that Conservatives want the law to enforce conservative social values, but what's your point? Isn't all law whether it's a conservative value or a progressive "value" ultimately enforced by violence?

You pointed out other successful groups and argued this as a reason to adopt their behaviors, but from an evolutionary point of view behavioral variance is a good thing for overall human survival. But what's your point here anyways? Your only examples provided of other successful groups happen to be very traditional/conservative socially. Doesn't this go against the argument you're trying to make?

You said "...conservatives trumpet things like celibacy before marriage as a value that has 'stood the test of time'"Are you sure thats really why conservatives believe in the value of celibacy? Usually when I hear the argument for celibacy it's either in a religious context or a family values context (celibacy promotes sex within a marriage framework where there's a two parent household. Which btw the data shows kids thrive more so under two parent households).

Bets, Bonds, and Kindergarteners

I've appreciated your parenting posts, thank you for sharing. Curious if you can share any resources you've found helpful for raising kids? Anything helps, as you seem to be creative in this department.