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Chapter 90: Roles, Pt 1

I find it hilarious to think just how many catastrophies could be avoided by wizards just having cellphones.

Chapter 39: Pretending to be Wise, Pt 1

I don't think love is a consequence of wisdom at all. Love and wisdom are two completely separate things. Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that supports reproduction and the protection of your offspring. Wisdom does not cause it at all. Any fool can love as strongly as the wisest man alive.

I do agree that death is not something to be feared, in the current state of affairs. It is still inevitable, and to fear the inevitable is foolish. Avoidable death should be feared, but death from old age shouldn't. As for how immortality would turn out, that's an interesting question. I wouldn't exactly rule out the possibility that some people would eventually voluntarily relinquish their immortality, but I can't think of any reason why anyone would.

In a culture where natural death isn't a thing anymore, would anyone really ever consider that they've "done everything", are "ready to go" ? There's always more to do, more knowledge to assimilate, more questions to answer, more places to explore, more boundaries to challenge. And even then, that's a final choice. One that you cannot go back on. That is really scary, and that's a lot you'd be giving up. You'd potentially be giving up infinity. The more reasonable choice would be putting your consciousness on pause and getting revived a few thousand years later.