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I'm assuming the cards were not taken from a countable pile? Can someone confirm this?

Best advice post so far:

"Pick your battles"

But this doesn't mean only tell the people who will be accepting of your viewpoint. It means you tell people that you have enough love and respect for that you are willing to tell them something you know they will disagree with. It doesn't matter if your spouse or children agree with you, it matters that you are authentic with them about your beliefs.

If some random person in your church would get angry about it, just don't tell them, who cares. Only invest yourself in people who you actually care about.

"Sociopaths have a concept of getting caught, and they try to avoid getting caught. Why isn't this sufficient? Why have an extra emotion, a feeling that inhibits you even when you don't expect to be caught?"

It seems to me that by having this emotion, you always "get caught", which is much more effective at preventing a certain behavior than only being caught occasionally by others. Sociopaths must rely on others to police them, typicall people police themselves.