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I am interested in guidance on coping with loved one's irrationality.

I just discovered this page today after goggling "believe in beliefs." I was searching for discussions much like what found here. You see, I am nether theist nor atheist. I am what I refer to as "naturalist". I also identify myself as libertarian, hippie, free thinker. There maybe another name for this belief system of I mine but I have yet to have found it. I identify the "God" of the Bible and Koran as what science refers to as our "Universe". I believe they are one in the same after studying the context of the literature realizing the primitive knowledge of science during those ancient times. As far as my education, I have BS in geography and history. I believe religion can be very beautiful. I also appreciate any positive, good will thoughts directed my way and find it very disturbing when others refuse to see it that way, which is part of why I am here now. I believe in universal love, hope, and peace. I admire aspects of all religions. What I do not understand is when an atheist bashes a particular religious group with the same disrespect as they accuse that same religious group. I do realize that is a reflection on an individual's experiences and education, etc. But this is something that I cannot seem to escape, despite my own beliefs. I must find a way to understand what I find to be hateful and silly behavior. I do not believe bashing others to be so wise. It just keeps the hate moving full circle. As far as the passion of the secular folk, I understand it. It is how they believe. Only death will change it. Those with spiritual beliefs have existed far longer than any of us studying the discoveries found in modern science that answers the age old questions that mans' religion sought to answer. I do have other concerns in rationality but its way too soon to determine if this is an appropriate place to discuss them since they are of a taboo nature.