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The translated post is here. You can check it out. I have read other people's thoughts on similar ideas (choosing the harder option), but reading and translating your post took my understanding to another level. Thanks again for writing this post and letting me share it with Persian speakers.

I know your rules about contacting and I don't expect any replies for this. But I would appreciate it if you (or some other native English speaker) explained a couple of the words you used. I have read dozens of dictionary definitions but they didn't exactly fit in this context. heuristic: If I get it right, by "heuristic" in this post you meant something like "shortcut" or "mental shortcut". Something that helps you quickly make a decision. calibrate and recalibrate: The context of these two words didn't help me with comprehension. I know dictionary definitions but none felt like they fit here.

I find your logic quite valuable. Months after the first time I read it, it still amazes me. And I have seen other people saying different things that had the same underlying logic. ** Choosing the harder/scarier option has better outcomes. ** Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am trying to incorporate this idea into my life and choices. I hope I can inform you of my results. And I also would like to ask for your permission to translate and publish this post on my blog. It is going to be translated into Persian/Farsi. My blog is completely non-profit. No ads, no paid content. Just for fun and learning. I have already shared the link to your post in my blog. But I know many Iranians (my readers) can't read English. It would be an honor if you let me do it. If you don't give me your permission, I respect your choice and won't use your content. I would just keep quoting you and referring to this post.

Merry Christmas. Every time I come here or to your own blog and read you, I regret one thing: Why I don't do it more. I am reading you from thousands of miles away. To be accurate, somewhere in the Middle East (TBH Christmas means nothing to me but I just wanted to be polite and blend in a bit). It's nice to get to know people from the other side of the planet (perhaps the happier side) who aren't famous but are doing great work and have great minds. I am thankful to have the opportunity to read your writings, Paul Graham's and Mark Manson's through the web. Wish you happiness & health in the new year. (Sorry for the delay. I have exams and a lot of work to do. Recently I just keep bookmarking pages to read later.)

I know it would be complicated but I have to ask whether you have a guess about India and Russia. India has ties with the US. But on the other hand, their water supply (from Tibbet) is under Chinese authority. They may also have common interests with China (India needs technology and money, which China could offer too). Russia is neither too populous nor an economic leviathan but has a vast land, many nuclear missiles, and a well-equipped army (which will fail to keep up with the USA or China). So Russia is a game-changer too (agree?). Which side are they more likely to pick?

Thank you for your attention.

I do write down - to be precise, type - most of my dreams. I say most because many of them are too blurry that I forget them as soon as I wake up. And many of them are lost because of my own negligence. 

Considering your strong emphasis on filling out a diary, perhaps I should go back to the old-school way and jot down my dreams in a notebook. Perhaps it serves the purpose more effectively. 

Hello. I checked the titles of your articles on and lesswrong but I didn't see anything about lucid dreaming. I am really passionate about it, read a dozen articles, and read an e-book too, but none were effective. To be honest, I didn't do exactly as they said but I wonder if your experience would be of help for me.

I appreciate it if you share some tips for lucid dreaming.