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[Prediction] What war between the USA and China would look like in 2050

I know it would be complicated but I have to ask whether you have a guess about India and Russia. India has ties with the US. But on the other hand, their water supply (from Tibbet) is under Chinese authority. They may also have common interests with China (India needs technology and money, which China could offer too). Russia is neither too populous nor an economic leviathan but has a vast land, many nuclear missiles, and a well-equipped army (which will fail to keep up with the USA or China). So Russia is a game-changer too (agree?). Which side are they more likely to pick?

4 Kinds of Learning

Thank you for your attention.

I do write down - to be precise, type - most of my dreams. I say most because many of them are too blurry that I forget them as soon as I wake up. And many of them are lost because of my own negligence. 

Considering your strong emphasis on filling out a diary, perhaps I should go back to the old-school way and jot down my dreams in a notebook. Perhaps it serves the purpose more effectively. 

4 Kinds of Learning

Hello. I checked the titles of your articles on and lesswrong but I didn't see anything about lucid dreaming. I am really passionate about it, read a dozen articles, and read an e-book too, but none were effective. To be honest, I didn't do exactly as they said but I wonder if your experience would be of help for me.

I appreciate it if you share some tips for lucid dreaming.