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Absolute denial for atheists

wouldn't the fact that you would indirectly observe the spin by the effect of the gun, collapse the probability wave?

Absolute denial for atheists

how about; the external world can never be proven to exist, we have to take it on faith alone. one of the implications being that science is a belief system of its own.

Absolute denial for atheists

Have you ever heard creationist talk ? For me that is proof of its existence.

Absolute denial for atheists

Well, one reason people drink alcohol is because it stops the internal dialog and you just do whatever comes to your mind, which sometimes results in arrest and disaster, and sometimes reward you with getting laid. It is remarkable how much more attractive the person of your fascination is when the bottle is empty. ;-)

It's all in your head-land

why don't you try zen, maybe you'll visit blissful now....

hmmm down woted,

zen is really a great technique, for staying in real-land. Just doing no thinking (or rather no pondering)