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If this whole situation is indeed a psy-op, it begs the question of what could be so important so as to be worth such a sacrifice?


Nearly a trillion dollars in AI R&D. Why do you think they keep repeating non 'human intelligence' an absurd amount of times?  The defensive fears and discussion centered around Non-Human Intelligence will pivot to AI. Senate is hearing the doomsayers in another set of hearings as this goes on. It's only a matter of time before some start to say "well speaking of non-human intelligence, we've got our own home grown NHI that can or will pose these same risks in a short amount of time!'

They are upset that NYT didn't run the article and instead ran an op ed asking why the govt is asking us to believe in aliens. NASA backed out of the hearing. This is progress, but it's being diverted to generate sentiment. 

I even heard one of the politicians pushing this talking about how polling numbers for belief alien life is higher than belief in congress. That the numbers are on his mind should say something..