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David Marr on two types of information-processing problems

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Does inclusive fitness theory miss part of the picture?

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How do you organize your research?

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Your account of "proof" is not actually an alternative to the "proofs are social constructs" description, since these are addressing two different aspects of proof. You have focused on the standard mathematical model of proofs, but there is a separate sociological account of how professional mathema...(read more)

I agree on most of this, but would you mind explaining why you think neuroscience is "mostly useless?" My intuition is the opposite. Also agreed that pure mathematics seems useful.

Would you mind tabooing the word "preference" and re-writing this post? It's not clear to me that the research cited in your "crash course" post actually supports what you seem to be claiming here.

If you can come up with better images to represent Friendly AI, please let me know!

How about an image of a paper clip?

Apologies for the pedantry that follows.

> Today, we know how Hebb's mechanism works at the molecular level.

This quote gives the impression that there is a unitary learning mechanism at work in the brain called "Hebbian learning," and that how it works is well understood. It is my understanding t...(read more)

That thread is way too long, so I'm not going to read it, but I did a quick search for and didn't see any discussion on what I consider the dealbreaker when considering the evidence for or against most religions (but especially any flavor of Christianity), which is the existence of "souls." Simply p...(read more)

> Isn't 12.0 something like quadruple-beta of the "Stable" version of Chrome?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. It's the [current stable release](

OP: For the record, I'm on Chrome 13 and I haven't notice...(read more)

> In the past year I've been involved in two major projects at SIAI. Steve Rayhawk and I were asked to review existing AGI literature and produce estimates of development timelines for AGI.

You seem to suggest that this work is incomplete, but I'm curious: is this available anywhere or is it still ...(read more)

> What is "divulgation"? (Yes, I googled it.)

Really? You googled it and didn't [see]( [these]( [results]( You should talk to someone, I think your Google might b...(read more)

I'm interested in ... winning arguments ...

Ack, that won't do. It is generally detrimental to be overly concerned with winning arguments. Aside from that, though, welcome to LW!