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I would like one more day if no one objects. No big deal though, I may or may not have anything by tomorrow anyway. 
Thanks for posting! 
Love these challenges!!

Really enjoyed this puzzle, thanks again. 
I've been checking this site daily since 2/2 hoping for the next one. So I guess it had the added benefit of a tiny tiny traffic bump to (assuming that's a "benefit") 
Thanks for the fun challenge! 

Tweaked my model, but I'm still not very confident. Anyway.. here's my current best guess. Hail to the Empress!
6123,  61818, 14132,  99524,  58945,  84398,  101554,  18257,  26400,  48703,  103862, 99682

This puzzle is great, thanks again for posting! 

Here's my first pass at a solution. This is my first time coding a regression model, so I probably have a bug somewhere. None of these are close to 100%, maybe the puzzle is fiendish and the correct answer is "none" , or more likely I'm doing something wrong.  

If the ship were arriving right now, I would follow orders and NOT build anything. But... this is fun so I'm going to keep hacking and see what I can figure out.

 ZPPG_id  ZPPG_pred
   4314   0.647873
   6123   0.645127
  48703   0.643784
  10709   0.635666
 104703   0.628708
   1273   0.626511
  53987   0.625413
  41545   0.621872
  13181   0.621323
  58945   0.619797
  99524   0.616257
  66023   0.614731

Wild idea: I wonder if the solution can't be deduced from each row of data one at a time. Maybe the highest values are like, "Due west of Eerie Silence"  I'm pretty sure my regression model doesn't account for that at all... 

I'm new here.  

Fun puzzle. I'll take a crack at this.  

So far I've reformatted the data a bit. Links to my reformatted data (and nothing else!) below.  In a spoiler tag in case that's a spoiler somehow?