Nicolas Lacombe

live in montreal, relationship anarchist,  effective altruist, aspiring rationalist

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i am sitting down at a table near the entrance. i put up a small makeshift sign saying "cryonics" on the table

this post made me understand something i did not understand before that seems very important. important enough that it made me reconsider a bunch of related beliefs about ai.

to help you find me: i have a long beard, am wearing a black t-shirt, and using my laptop.

the meetup will be on the 2nd floor, on the north side of the working area, close to "Balcon Montigny". i am wearing a grey t-shirt with jeans, and am sitting on the grey sofa.

@BionicD0LPH1N : i guess we are still in good old "October 28th" :P

thanks for offering! right now i am thinking ill just use wget to create an archive of gw and/or lw since that would likely be faster than using the api for my use case.

but i am still interested to write code that would generate a lw archive from the lw api. if i end up doing that and if i remember this discussion then ill likely contact you and show you where i put the code so that we could both work on the same codebase if you want.

does have archive files that i can download? or do it need to archive it myself (ex: wget -mk) ?

thanks for answering. who/what is "saturn2" ?

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