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Yeah, this post is for the one on May. 

There will be another meetup on Apirl(date TBD), for which ther will be a separate post. 

I've considered giving Sequence Spotlights a "Create Discussion Meetup" button, such that Sequence Spotlights more easily serve as default reading material for local communities. Would anyone be interested in that?

This sounds like something I'd be interested in running with my group. 

Thanks for doing this. I enjoy listening to audio form of content, and this makes reading my backlog of lesswrong and EA content very accessible. 

Minor suggestion. - The podcast is hosted on multiple platforms, but is missing YouTube. There are several podcasts that are audio only on Youtube( Naval Ravikant's podcast, Cortex by CGP Gray, etc.). Adding it to you tube can increase reach to potential new listeners. 

The EA group is active in bangalore as well AFAIK, one of the organizers attends the SSC meetup semi-regularly. The SSC group has been meeting regularly since 2018 when we discovered each other through the 2018 meetups everywhere post. 

You can DM me with your email address, and I'll add you to the mailing list and also share a signal invite link for chat. 

Meeting link for tomorrow's meetup -
Kindly DM/Email me before joining. 

Correction - The meetup is on 19th at 4PM. 

You can DM me if you're interested

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