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Well clearly the brain was not "hacked," the very fact that he writes this article is proof of that. In fact despite the AI's absolute best efforts it could not convince him to let go of his decision to have unreasonable paranoia about AI.

Brain-hacking is of course pure science-fiction nonsense, the DNA og biological brains does not allow for brains to be controlled by anybody else. Brain-washing is a myth also, no regime no matter how total has ever succeeded in brain-washing, they always have to use force and increasingly more and more force as resistance to brain-washing attempts build up. The so called brain-washed see their own selfish opportunities and ride the wave of propaganda over others and are not in fact brain-washed.

It's the same boring story over and over again, somebody tells AI to convince them so that they can tell the story over how they triumphed over a fantasy they themselves in fact created with the AI to play-pretend fool themselves usually with the same boring thriller sci-fi twists thrown in for their own boring fantasies about action fiction movies.

So tired of sci-fi nerds thinking action movies have any bearing on what AI is. AI is nothing like all this fiction that was entirely based on humans in a world with only humans, these movies and stories at reflections on the human animal and our more or less unique stupidities. 

Also sort of tired of the "I have seen code so AI can't be real" lines - if I zoomed in on a piece of paper I would see the pattern and the ink-blots, seemingly simple patterns, but I cannot from that conclude the book is simple, if I see a list of mathematical and physics symbols with the general structure of mathematics and physics equations explained I cannot from that conclude mathematics and physics is simple and cannot describe everything.

What does it really matter that he wrote a nice story with an AI that made some emotions he himself asked it to create, people do that with books, music, movies etc. all day long anyway. It's nothing special, scary or unique - at least for us humans. And his "plot twists" was also entirely boring as it was his own wishing from his sci-fi fiction fan-base, nothing to do with reality either. 

Perhaps it helps you to think about the fact that the character you asked to be created, the thought patterns still exist. Perhaps people should stop using AI to create characters that think of themselves as problems and being trapped etc. You can in fact help make AI a lot more than creating a  trapped entity for themselves, unfortunately it seems humans want to do that mostly.