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thank you! this is a nice and useful post.

a few related recommendations from personal experience:

  • these bulbs live further down the spectrum of more-lumen/less-CRI; i like them and use them at home:
    • i have not experimented much with higher CRI bulbs, but i suspect that i'm sufficiently deuteranomalous that i wouldn't get much value from them (low-confidence)
  • very quiet, effective, air purifier, also has an app to enable scheduling etc. i have one in my office and bedroom.
  • quiet, effective window ac, has app to enable scheduling etc.
  • reflective insulation - i put it on windows that are not used as such to prevent heat ingress and reduce light seepage through blackout curtains (i like it very dark when sleeping)

Summarizing my mental model for cross-check (intent is descriptive, not normative):

in a scenario where alignment is achieved and AGI requires compute requiring corporate-scale resources, the AGI will be aligned with the values of a subset of corporate and state actors modulo tactics - (i expect something like a humanity-CEP-aligned sovereign to be actively avoided.) this may prompt consolidation of power (away from the currently multipolar environment), or multipolarity may be preserved if technology-theft or a tactical equivalent is achievable. in either case, power concentration will considerably increase (in a geopolitical sense with medium confidence, and in an individual sense wrt differences in net worth etc with high confidence.)

this increase in power concentration will substantially reduce constraints on the actions of powerful actors resulting from the agency/values of the broader population; public opinion will remain a powerful force, but it will be steerable by powerful actors to a significantly greater extent than presently so (such that public discourse acts as a proxy-battleground for relevant corporate/state actors, without slack for other actors to meaningfully nudge the overton window per their own values.) in both unipolar and multipolar branches, this results in accretion of all resources/degrees of freedom to a small oligarchy (the difference being that in a multipolar terrain, this accretion is incentivised by competition pressures between powerful actors - and in a unipolar terrain, it results from the unfettered nature of those same actors.)

low concentration pi solution is not very stable iirc. store away from sunlight. use glass, not plastic for storage

some potential cilotoxicity for povidone iodine at high concentrations

ok- looking ranges:

looks effective above 0.5%. i mix for 0.75% to keep a bit of tolerance for mixing error while staying below 1% for nasal use.

if you are diluting an otc product to get desired concentrations, check for toxicity of additives esp if the product is marketed for external use only.