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scipy.optimize.curve_fit Is Awesome

I'm curious: is it making fixed standard assumptions about those annoying ergodic Gaussian questions, or is it clever enough to figure out the answers for itself?

A very quick analogy regarding "opinions"

If it's not easily felt, nor easily identified by others, what are the subtle signs to look for? I'm not 100% on what it means for an opinion to be an image of an image.

Make a Movie Showing Alignment Failures

what's the best way to actually make this acceptable (and popular) in China?

Depict a conspicuously Chinese research team as well-meaning noble patriots, who are quick to think only of the common good, and who supply some of the crucial insights. I don't know if that would be sufficient, but it would be a start.

When to use "meta" vs "self-reference", "recursive", etc.

I'm also not deeply a grammar person, but in "is about", "is" is definitely a verb. That's the part that would conjugate (I am about, you are about, he/she/it is about). So I guess "about" is an adverb modifying the verb; or possibly "is about" in combination is a verb phrase.

20 Modern Heresies

Lab-grown human meat is the only food item which can be ethically consumed

Where would we get a source of calories for the growth medium? Could perhaps get some mileage out of digesting the dead or synthesising carbohydrates from abiotic chemistry, but it'd surely probably be more energy efficient to cut out the middle man and eat those things directly.

Book review: Very Important People

I assume a similar effect might happen if you had a official place made explicitly for the purpose of finding friends

This shook loose a memory of my primary school trying to institute exactly that; a bench adjacent to the playground with signage declaring it to be a "find-a-friend bus stop" (may not have been the exact wording), with the idea of it being a rallying point to link up with some other loner and go play together.

Crazy homeless drunks thankfully weren't a problem. But even at a young age I think we were able to instinctively recognise that there could be nothing more tragic than to be sat visibly alone on the "got no friends" bench, so I don't think it saw much use.

Might have occasionally been made part of a game, where we tried to push each other into sitting on the bench, on the basis that sitting there was for losers. But I'm not 100% confident of whether that's a real memory.

Either way I have to assume the organiser behind that idea either didn't really think it through all the way, or had an overly optimistic take as to how merciless/vicious kids can be.

Book review: Very Important People

might you expect that the highest-status men actually don’t spend much time dancing, drinking, or even socialising?

Wait. Shit. Have I been high-status this whole time, and no-one even told me?

(No you're affirming the consequent)

Good Heart Week: Extending the Experiment

I'm already feeling a degree of adverse incentives. Getting money involved makes me more reticent to comment rather than more eager.

I don't want to be perceived as grubbing for money, and I feel like there's a risk of being treated harshly by a voting audience that are now on guard against (and seeking to massively downvote) people trying to game the system.

Inflection AI: New startup related to language models

I bet they'll need to do RLHF

I was confused as to what relevant input would come from the Renfrewshire Local History Forum, or from a Rigid eLectrical Halogen-Free pipe. Until I scrolled further down the search results and found out about Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Do a cost-benefit analysis of your technology usage

I'm using Inoreader, paying for the "Pro" tier of features.

I'm getting particular use out of their duplicate filters, regex-based content filters, receiving newsletters as a feed, and automated scraping/monitoring of sites that don't publish their own feed.

Have also used the custom CSS option to productively disagree with some of the choices made when they re-designed the interface. But I think that's available on the cheaper "Supporter" tier too.

There has in the past been a "buy 18 months for the price of 12" discount available at least annually (around Black Friday possibly; might have been New Years). Which I've used to keep the cost down.

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