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I think the ‘Polymarket address’ is really your ethereum address. People can use that to send tips over the matic network (the network polymarket is on which uses ethereum addresses) for probably less than a cent in fees.

Perhaps a targeted campaign for reform in the area of highest impact. Medicine comes to mind but that also seems like the scariest area to mess with.

I also forgot to mention that these reforms would dramatically lower the cost of education as people could choose to skip formal rigid degrees entirely.

Next target - occupational licensing

Libertarian version - remove almost all licensing. People use third party rating agencies to decide who to trust if they so desire.

Market version - remove almost all licensing requirements but require liability insurance. Insurance markets will effectively prevent unqualified candidates from practicing by pricing them out with expensive policies.

Better version of what we have now - Remove all degree requirements and test directly for competence. The test should be sufficiently thorough that passing it means you’re qualified. Every profession will have bootcamps spring up that teach you exactly what you need to know to be competent as quickly as possible.

Any of these approaches should dramatically lower the cost of most professional services.

Great post! I’ve had similar conversations as well. Sounds like the kind of messiah Maimonides might have bought into given his rationalist philosophy. Just speculation as I’m unfamiliar with his actual writings on the messiah.

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