For those who advocate Anki

This doesn't directly answer your question, but I think it could be extremely helpful nonetheless. You might find it helpful to read up on mnemonics. Mnemonics take advantage of the way our brains naturally remember information best and are pretty east to use. If you want a fun read will whet your appetite to learn memory techniques check out "Moonwalking with Einstein."

Three Gods with a twist

Thanks. I just looked into this and am reading about what "markdown" is.

Three Gods with a twist

Good point about the classical solution having an advantage. Also, how do you spoiler tag?

Three Gods with a twist
Well done! I had an answer which differs more than the classical answer and wanted to modify the riddle to force my answer but it looks like I I failed at that.

My answer still uses the double negative trick to avoid the need to know what "ja" and "da" mean and goes as follows.
1-Ask god A: "If I asked "is the sky is blue?" to gods b and c is b more likely to tell the truth than c?" Both True and False will say that their non random counterpart is more likely to lie so a negative response means either god A or C is Random and rules out god B. A positive response rules out god C.

2-Ask the god who has been ruled out as being random the same question about the other two gods to figure out which is Random. 

3-Ask one of the non Random gods a question like "is the sky blue?"

I really liked this answer now I just got to figure out how to change the riddle to force it
Three Gods with a twist

1-You can ask "Is neither other god True."

2-Good point I should have been more clear - You can only ask questions that are definitively not about the god you are talking to. I'll try to edit the post accordingly.

Pascal's Mugging: Tiny Probabilities of Vast Utilities

First of all- I love this post!

Second of all - How is this different than Pascal's wager - meaning why doesn't Pascal's mugger get cancelled out by a possible counter mugger who will simulate and kill the same number of people if you give in to the muggers demand.