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Rationality Quotes November 2014

Yeah, I feel like in real world situations, hypothesizing time travel when things don't make sense is not likely to be epistemically successful.

Wasn't there a proverb about generalizing from fictional evidence? Especially from fiction that intentionally doesn't make sense?

Rationality Quotes November 2014

That seems like a failure of noticing confusion; some clear things are actually false.

Open thread, 23-29 June 2014

This post is a good example of why LW is dying. Specifically, that it was posted as a comment to a garbage-collector thread in the second-class area. Something is horribly wrong with the selection mechanism for what gets on the front page.

2013 Survey Results

Does that actually work better than just setting a higher bar for significance? My gut says that data is data and chopping it up cleverly can't work magic.

[LINK] Why I'm not on the Rationalist Masterlist

If I have no value as a human, I desire to believe I have no value as a human.

2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Are you planning to do any analysis on what traits are associated with defection? That could get ugly fast.

(I took the survey)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 25, chapter 96

Probably the only two things the True Patronus can look like are humans and snakes. Possibly flying squirrels?

There's room for improvement, but this is just a rant. It's useless for the project of improvement, because he's attacking anything he can find a clever turn of phrase for, rather than the things that especially deserve attack.

It's not even useful to see where the PR failure is, because once something set him off, everything suddenly became a PR failure. Look for insight in saner places than this, please.

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