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Real in the same way that a real banana is real.

If preconceived notions make it impossible to do math, then how can we possibly get a result that contradicts with our preconceived notions?

Why wouldn't you expect terminal values to charge? Does your agent have some motivation (which leads it to choose to change) other than its terminal values. Or is it choosing to change its terminal values in pursuit of those values? Or are the terminal value changing involuntarily?

In the first case, the things doing the changing are not the real terminal values.

In the second case, that doesn't seem to make sense.

In the third case, what we're discussing is no longer a perfect rational agent.

Similar to B_For_Bandana's idea, use the refund system to convert gift cards into cash.

See also: voluntary homelessness.

Absolute non-contradiction? Since anything else (that is, any contradictory statement) is absolutely horrible, if absolute non-contradiction is also horrible then nothing good exists.

edit: s/than nothing/then nothing/

In my visualization, a man (don't remember what he looked like) was walking along a line with a 90 degree turn away from me (think of how GPS navigators represent roads, only the only thing I visualized was the road that was actually used). When he turned, the camera panned along with him, keeping his back to me, and we were facing a double-door entryway.

My visualizations seem to lack every detail they can possibly lack...

I may be somewhat more radical than a lot of people here, but I don't think the fat man should be deluded. It will hurt him more in the long run, because, believing himself to be agile, he'll sign up for physically strenuous jobs and may injure himself, or try to compete in sports and be let down hard, instead of lightly like a controlled reveal could be.

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