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Aww, I would love to come, but can't quite afford plane tickets on short notice. Do you think the next one could be planned more than 3 months in advance, so we could set out alerts for cheap tickets? And here's positive feedback for doing this at all, because it's a big undertaking, and fantastic for our community world-wide! Hurray!

Thank you for pointing this out. I will adjust the title; it was just a mistake that I omitted the Atlanta part. We are still deciding on a location as our usual host is out of town. My apologies for the confusion!

Raiden, let's talk on IM and see if we can figure out a way to get you there. I'm not sure we have any members coming from AL, but there may be bus options we can explore. IM me on gchat at -Katie

Ok guys, the first step is exactly what Rudi posted. Go here: and fill out the form. :)

Definitely! I will write up a summary and what I learned for the LW-organizers mailing group, if nothing else.

Could I get a quick list of those top dozen improvements, so I can estimate the hourly rate for a $5k pay, and then forward that on to my extremely talented programmer fiance (who is also a LWer)?

Hi guys! For those in our meetup group but not on facebook, let me draw your attention to some of the Lesswrong articles specifically mentioned last night: This one has a high fact to word count ratio, so lots of bang for you buck. This one may send you into hyperlink overload. Ooof!

Enjoy, and be happy!

Actually, the Atlanta Lesswrong Meetup is Friday, April 19th at 7PM (NOT the 22nd April date above). Totally my mistake, and I hope everyone can still make it!

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