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I was surprised how well it worked. I had forbidden myself: Reddit, Hacker News, Porn, facebook wall (events and so on still allowed), and youtube (with exception for academic lectures). What I had learnt:

  • Knowing this is a ritual done together helped me.
  • I was suprised that it was not tempting to go to reddit/HN/FB. Except when I wanted to kill some time every few days. But then it was still easy to just read some articles from
  • Often, during evenings, I crave instant gratification that I used to get on these websites. Now I usually go for a walk, or watch some lecture. I want to find something better to do when I am tired. This is frustrating
  • I still watched porn a few times. That is only violation of this lent. That was when it was evening and I was very tired and really strongly wanted gratification and was horny. But still I had watch porn much less than I would be otherwise.
  • I do not learn much useful from HN.
  • I want to continue like this, but I am not sure how to make me follow the rules.