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But how can you know that? Couldn't there be actual insider sources truthfully reporting the existence of such discussions?

Yes, I perhaps should have said "I think there is a 99% chance this is made up". As a general rule, I think any politically charged story based on "anonymous insider sources" should be considered very low credibility, and if there is no other support, then a 90+ chance of being made up is about right. More credibility points lost in this case for the only source being a tweet from a guy who seems to be advertising some kind of passport acquisition service.

There can simultaneously be an crisis of immigration of poor people and a crisis of emigration of rich people.

The tweet's screenshot doesn't seem to be talking about rich people in particular being the ones leaving (which I think is usually termed "capital flight"; that is, the money leaving is more important than the people).

Canada also is looking to impose a $25k penalty and double its ‘exit fee’ for citizens who leave the country, to ‘curb the emigration crisis.’


This is made up, apparently.

Recent headlines are about too much immigration (e.g.,, so 'emigration crisis' doesn't make much sense.

Unless you also think the United States is an outlier in terms of spouses who don't unconditionally love each other, I guess you have to endorse something like Kaj_Sotala's point that divorce isn't always the same as ending love though, right?

probably the majority of spouses unconditionally love their partners.

How do you square this with ~50% of marriages ending in divorce?

a good trade for immunity to cavities and gum disease.

If you throw in immunity to bad breath

FYI, says used to say

This strain doesn't do anything to protect against gum disease, or bad breath.

And he thinks Hermes 2 Pro is ‘cracked for agentic function calling,’

I don't understand what the word 'cracked' means here; "broken" or "super awesome" or ...?

persuade/inspire/motivate/stimulate etc is just the politically correct way of saying what it actual is, which is manipulation.

Persuade has a fairly neutral connotation for me, that is "I was persuaded to give 10k to a scammer" and "I was persuaded by a friend to quit my day job" both seem correct to me. I would nominate that as the word for describing what it "actually" is, rather than "manipulation" which seems overly negative/cynical.

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